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Welcome to ADAM College, the rapid growing education institution in town. Upgrading from Academy Design and Management in 2014, offering the courses range from foundation to diploma as well as ACCA program in the hub of Kuala Lumpur city. We have extend our strengths in digital animation and visual effect to management programs.

As an academic institution, we aim to contribute to human capital growth which is the key factor to determine our nation‘s competency in international market.

We encourage the methodologies that enhance critical thinking, creativity, talent and dynamism of our youngster in highly diversified environment. Entrepreneurship, which is a field requires creative innovation in line with technology transfer and commercialization practical, will be taken into our strategy plan to make it easy for students to practice their business ideas and role models setting. It is my pleasure to see the college as fertile ground for the cultivation and nurturing of entrepreneurial and business-minded individuals.

Towards a reputable learning institution, our strength lies in research studies, involvement in volunteerism construction, law, intellectual property, culture, religion, gender studies. Within the consideration, we are aiming to become the forefront of landmark of hospitality and animation design that able to build up our brand both locally and internationally. We also encourage our academic staff to achieve better research products that can contribute to the involvement of civilization progress either in the fields of photonics, management theory development, or photography advancement.

Apart from being provided with solid academic content on campus, we also emphasis in helping students in developing their leadership qualities and global minded citizens. Some of them may be sent abroad to engage in international exchanges. In between, we have to engage with foreign universities through collaboration with other higher learning institution and make sure the students cohort to experience international student exchange and internships.

With all the best wishes, I would like to welcome students to join our learning progress. Your ideas, contribution, participants, supports, suggestions are very much welcomed.


Chief Executive

ADAM College